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05/09/2018 Axiomtek Introduces its Newest Rugged 15.6-Inch Fanless Touch Panel Computer with Rich I/Os - The GOT315WL-845
26/06/2018 Axiomtek Introduces its Advanced 21.5-Inch 10-Point Multi-Touch Panel Computer – The GOT321W-502-PCT
23/01/2018 Axiomtek Launches Rugged 15” and 17” IP66/IP69K-rated Touch Panel Computers – The GOT815L-511 and GOT817L-511
06/12/2017 Axiomtek Launches the Highly Versatile and Scalable 17-inch Fanless Touch Panel PC– The GOT317-502-FR
11/07/2017 Axiomtek Announces the Launch of its Deployment-Ready Touch Panel PC – The GOT5152T-845
20/05/2017 Axiomtek Launches Ultra Slim 15.6-inch Fanless Touch Panel Computer – the GOT5153W-845
27/02/2017 Axiomtek Launches the GOT3217W-845-PCT – A Slim-type, Multi-touch Widescreen 21.5" Panel PC
26/12/2016 Axiomtek Launches its Newest Compact 8.4” Touch Panel PC for Space-constricting Applications- the GOT5840T-845
12/09/2016 Axiomtek Releases its Newest 10.4” XGA/SVGA TFT Fanless Touch Panel PC- the GOT5100T-845
29/08/2016 Axiomtek’s New 18.5” Multi-touch Panel PC Ideal for Infotainment and Light Factory Automation Applications- the GOT3187WL-834-PCT
21/03/2016 Axiomtek’s Newest Touch Panel PC for Rugged Industrial Environments– the GOT3157W-881-PCT
07/03/2016 Axiomtek’s GOT5103W-845, a Ruggedized Touch Panel PC with User-Friendly Human-Machine Interface Design
11/01/2016 Axiomtek Launches its Newest 17-inch full IP66 and IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PC for the Food Industry- the GOT817-834
28/09/2015 Axiomtek Introduces its Ruggedized Multi-touch 21.5" Fanless Panel PC– the GOT3217W-881-PCT
11/05/2015 Axiomtek Announces A New 15" Full IP66 Fanless Multi Touch Stainless Steel Panel Computer–The GOT815-834
01/04/2015 Axiomtek Announces its new 10.4" Fanless Multi Touch Panel Railway PC- the GOT710-837
29/12/2014 Axiomtek Introduces Its Newest Super Slim Touch Panel Computer- The GOT5153W-834
12/11/2014 Axiomtek Announces the Arrival of its newest 18.5-inch fanless multi-touch panel PC- the GOT3187W-881-PCT
14/05/2014 Introducing Axiomtek’s Sunlight Readable, Wide Temperature, Touch Panel PC – the GOT812LR-832
20/01/2014 Axiomtek Introduces Two New Industrial Grade Monitors That Combine Widescreen LCD Flat Panel and Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Technology – 15.6in P6157W and 18.5in P6187W

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