ED3501 Series

Industrial 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Extender

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    • UL60950 Certification
    • Up to 100Mbps at 300 meters distance
    • Up to 1Mbps at 2600 meters distance
    • -20°C to 60°C wide operating temperature range design is suitable for installation in outdoor cabinets


    The ED3501 Ethernet extender allows the extension of IP services beyond normal Ethernet distance limitations without changing cables, breaking the 100-meter Ethernet barrier. The ED3501's design features high shock, vibration, and electrical noise immunity, a wide operating temperature range from -20°C to 60°C, and rugged aluminum housing. The ED3501 is the ideal Ethernet extender for environments where connectivity is crucial.

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    • ED3501-X
      Industrial 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Extender
    • ED3501-X -D
      Industrial 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Extender with DIN-Rail Mounting Kit
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