AXView Solar

Intelligent Remote Monitoring/Management Software

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    • Easy to communicate with other devices via Modbus protocol
    • Automatic gathering and logging system status about gateway, inverter and sensor
    • Seamless accessibility to Microsoft Azure cloud
    • Assured to safeguard security operation of the system and automatically back up data when disconnected
    • Effective remote control through remote I/O commands
    • Visual dashboard of user friendliness
    • Free for customers to use AXView solution within entry level
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    AXView is an intelligent remote monitoring/management software suite built in intelligent gateway to collect data from sensors and send it over to Microsoft Azure for IoT cloud services. AXView collects data related to solar power, including the volume of the solar power, sunlight intensity, and ambient temperature and humidity, as well as data about inverter efficiency and abnormal events. Next, the data collected will be sent over to Microsoft Azure database for further analysis, as well as be pushed to business intelligent report for managing individual solar energy station. Accordingly, operators can conduct daily maintenance by referring to historical data for system integration.

    The design of AXView solution is aiming to provide power generation systems based on solar energy with an integral service based on special-purposed software and hardware integration which consists of three parts - the monitoring end, the cloud, and the front & back end of management platform- jointly delivering the following main services:
    * Collection data of power generation
    * Data storage at the cloud
    * Collection of environmental parameters
    * Control of revenue data
    * Detection of abnormal incidents
    * Display of figures and data
    * Analysis of efficiency of power generation
    * Analysis of historical data

  • Communications
    • Protocol: Modbus TCP
    • Communications interfaces: RS-485, RJ-45, Wi-Fi, 3/4G
    • Manageability
      Devices (e.g. watchdog timer, sensor) available to monitor CPU, power, temperature, etc.
      Hardware event-logging
      Notification for the start and the end of power generation
      Remote I/O commands
      Diagnostic analytics report
    • Frequency of data collection – every 10 minutes
    • Gateway and inverter alarming via email
    Cloud Integration
    • Microsoft Azure suite
    • Microsoft SQL Server/MySQL support
    • Business intelligence reporting
    • Watchdog timer to ensure normal operation
    • Operating authentication by User ID
    • Intact for the latest 500 records during disconnection
    Remote Control
    • API available at the remote side to send commands
    • API available at the client side to receive commands
    • Remote I/O commands are to be customized case by case
    • Windows API library contains information about hardware, BIOS, voltage, temperature, fan speed, WDT, DIO etc.
    System Requirements
    • OS: Windows® 7 or above
    • CPU: Intel® Atom™ processor E3815 or above
    • Storage: 16GB or above
    • Memory: 4GB or above
    • Analytics:
      Compare incident data and history data
      Efficient calculation
      Diagrammatic presentation of analytical information
    • Entry-level Structure:
      One ICO300
      Five Inverters
      One Pyranometer, one Temperature Sensor (i.e. thermometer), and one Humidity Sensor (i.e. hygrometer)
      Use of AXView may be subject to a fee on a case-by-case basis for system structures beyond the entry level
    • Inverters:
      Delta RPI H3 and RPI H5
      Other inverters may be supported upon request
    • ICO series with isolated COM port (other platforms
    • are available upon request)
    • AXView Solution for Solar Energy
      Intelligent remote monitoring/management software
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    2017/07/17 Ask for more information - -KB


    Design Guide

    Technical Announcement

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    2018/05/29 Programming Guide of EApi of AXView 2.0 V1.0.0.1 923.5KB


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