FID Series

Flash in Disk-IDE

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    • IDE/ATA standard interface
    • Capacity: 8GB to 256GB
    • 2.5" standard form factor
    • Suitable for high demanding applications
    • Well performed under harsh operating environment
    • Anti-vibration & shock resistance
    • Data integrity with Error Detection Code/Error Correction Code (EDC/ECC)
    • Perfect replacement of hard drive
    • High operating reliability & durability
    • Low power consumption


    Axiomtek's FID (Flash in Disk-ATA) series is a high performance 2.5 flash disk and fully compatible with IDE standard which make it an ideal replacement for conventional IDE HDD without any driver or system modification. This 2.5 IDE flash disk is provided with huge capacities up to 256GB to meet diverse needs of data storage. With the features of high capacity storage, data integrity, anti-vibration and low power consumption, the FID series is surely a solid solution for expanding an industrial computers memory.

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    • FID008GSC1T(standard temp.)
      44 PIN 8GB
    • FID016GSC1T(standard temp.)
      44 PIN 16GB
    • FID032GSC1T(standard temp.)
      44 PIN 32GB
    • FID064GSC1T(standard temp.)
      44 PIN 64GB
    • FID128GSC1T(standard temp.)
      44 PIN 128GB
    • FID256GSC1T(standard temp.)
      44 PIN 256GB
    • FID008GSW1T(industrial temp.)
      44 PIN 8GB
    • FID016GSW1T(industrial temp.)
      44 PIN 16GB
    • FID032GSW1T(industrial temp.)
      44 PIN 32GB
    • FID064GSW1T(industrial temp.)
      44 PIN 64GB
    • FID128GSW1T(industrial temp.)
      44 PIN 128GB
    • FID256GSW1T(industrial temp.)
      44 PIN 256GB
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