Integration & Manufacturing Services

Process Documentation

Otherwise known as a “build document”. We create a build/test document which is a logical arrangement of steps to follow in order to successfully and consistently assemble our customer’s system. Properly written process documents insure that our customer’s product is built exactly how they specify it to be.

High Mix Systems Integration

We excel in integrating and managing complex builds consisting of multiple third party HW and SW subassemblies both in COTS as well as custom designs.

Safety Stock Maintenance

Materials in stock that are held above and beyond the actual demand for that material, hence creating a safety stock. Safety stock programs are designed to reduce long lead times.

Image Load and Test

We have expertise in receiving our customer’s image, validating it on their system platform, loading it, and providing testing services to insure its proper functional operation on the platform. Image loads can be done through an automated and fail safe production network method based on a customized gang loading approach.

Forced Routing

  • Customized In-Process Quality Metrics
  • Customer Portal

Quality data collection center through customized product routings. Forced routing allows you to create a quality plan per a customer SKU or a specific supplier part number.


Features: sales order entry, bill of material creation, daily MRP regeneration, planned order reports, shop floor control, and flexible warehouse locations.

New Product Introduction

Otherwise known as “NPI”. We have an ISO controlled process for the release of new products which includes doc control, drawings, assembly docs, checklists, test procedures and final QC.  This process ensures a smooth transition from the requirement definitions through the hand-off to manufacturing. The customer’s involvement will culminate with an official sign off of the source control document. 


The process where a team of people review discrepant material for disposition. Popular dispositions are: return to vendor, repair, scrap, and use as is. MRB data is critical in maintaining a high level of quality in our customer’s product. 


We have IPC610/620 certified in-house resources including a WHMA/IPC-A-620 trainer.