15" XGA TFT Extended Temp. Fanless Touch Panel Computer with Intel® Atom™ Processor (-20°C ~ +65°C)

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    • 15" XGA (1024 x 768) color TFT LCD display
    • Fanless cooling system with Intel® Atom™ processor Z510PT
    • 1.1 GHz (GOT-3156T); Intel® Atom™ N270 1.6 GHz (GOT-3156TL)
    • Supports wide temperature range of -20°C ~ +65°C (GOT-3156T)
    • Anti-vibration up to 1.3G (HDD, random)
    • Supports WLAN antenna (IEEE 802.1b/802.11g) (optional)
    • Easy for expansion: Mini card (USB interface)
    • Over-current protection-fuse
    • Supports panel mount, VESA arm, desktop stand,wall mount


    The GOT-3156T is a 15" XGA fanless touch panel computer. By supporting a wide temperature range from -20°C to +65°C, it can be used in any harsh environment. In response to market demands, the GOT-3156TL is a cost effective product. The unit adopts 15" XGA TFT-LCD and low power consumption Intel® Atom™ processor. With the growing demand of wireless application, it provides one Mini card slot for wireless network connection. By just plugging in the Mini card WLAN card, customers have instant access wireless LAN. This model is suitable for many applications including transportation, train, control platform of ships, heavy industry, and oil pipe monitoring systems.

    • GOT-3156T-823
      15" XGA TFT fanless touch panel computer with Intel® Atom™ Z510PT and extended temp. (-20°C~ +65°C)
    • GOT-3156TL-830
      15" XGA TFT fanless touch panel computer with Intel® Atom™ N270 (-20°C ~ +55°C)
    • Wall/VESA kit
      Wall/VESA mount kit for GOT-3156T/TL
    • Desktop stand
      Desktop stand kit for GOT-3156T/TL
    • 50966A23040E
      Power adapter, 70W, 110~230VAC to 24VDC
  • BIOS

    Date Description Version File Size
    2013/6/27 BIOS for GOT-3156TL-830 V1.01 591.8KB


    Date Description Version File Size
    2012/6/26 Audio driver A1 57,430.6KB
    2012/6/26 Chipset driver A1 2,522.9KB
    2012/6/26 VGA driver A1 80,889.2KB
    2012/6/26 LAN driver A1 16,138.3KB
    2012/6/26 Touch driver A1 5,405.6KB


    Date Description Version File Size
    2012/6/26 GOT-3156TL-830 User's Manual VA1_20110222 A1 967.7KB


    The object is under update temporarily, please download it later.

    CE Conformity Declaration

    Date Description Version File Size
    2012/4/20 GOT-3156T-823 CE-Conformity Declaration N/A 44.2KB
    2012/4/20 GOT3156TL-830 CE-Conformity Declaration N/A 44.2KB
  • SBC84833

    Intel® Atom™ N270 3.5" Embedded SBC with Intel® 945GSE + ICH7M Chipset, LVDS/VGA, DualView, 4 COM and Single LAN


    Intel® Atom™ Z510PT/ Z520PT 3.5" Embedded SBC with Intel® System Control Hub US15WPT Chipset, VGA/LVDS, DualView and PCI Express Mini Card (-40°C ~ +85°C)