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Recent computer technologies have offered new possibilities for mass transit authorities to improve public transportation systems. With the help of these game-changing technologies, public transports are becoming more efficient and safer to serve the growing needs of a smart city. Systems integrators can now offer smarter video surveillance systems that can sense danger when a passenger is edging too close to the subway track or detect objects that could potentially be weapons or threats to public safety. These systems can offer information in real-time to the authorities and communicate simultaneously to the driver onboard.

The advancement of industrial computers used to control the surveillance and communications is one of the key driving forces of smart and safe transit systems. This white paper will take a closer look at the changing face of transportation surveillance and security realm.



Investments in Our Facility and Services

Axiomtek believes in continuous improvement and has been very proud of our quality- and service-focused values and commitment. We strive to deliver the best products and services possible to our customers and keep our promises through investments in our R&D, customer service models, facilitiy, operation enhancements and more – all with the goal of delivering true value to our customers. With our recent facility improvements, we are able to boost our production, offer a customized assembly process and increase integration flexibility. Our customized work cells allow us to better meet our customer's high-volume requirements and enhance the quality as well as efficiency for a faster turnaround time.

Some of the recent achievements we are proud to share with you are:

  • Higher capability: We are now doubling our production capability.
  • High efficiency: We have achieved faster inventory turnover for cost savings that can be passed along to our customers.
  • We are also achieving higher efficiency in our on-time delivery performance.

Axiomtek has also renovated our West Coast's design center facility to offer a more productive and effective workspace for our engineering team and added a 3D printing capability for faster prototyping of the products we help design.

We hope that our investments will allow us to deliver higher quality products and services, as well as achieve a much higher efficiency and productivity level that will directly enhance our customer's satisfaction with us.

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Smart Innovations for a Smarter

Axiomtek's industrial computer solutions have been used by systems integrators to help power a variety of smart applications. We are proud to share with you some of the recent success stories that are game-changers in their industries.

Robotics for Smart Grocery Fulfillment: Our SCM120 Freescale i.MX6 SMARC SOM has been integrated to control grocery-picking robots for an online grocery fulfillment service of one of the largest discount department/grocery store chains. These autonomous robots are used behind the scenes to make the process easier and faster by gathering grocery items from storage shelves for store associates to fulfill and deliver to the customer's car in a matter of minutes.

Smart Warehouse Robotics: Our compact eBOX560-880-FL embedded system is integrated to control autonomous robots' functionalities and communications back to the server.

Autonomous Vehicles/Smart Cars: Our CAPA500 has also been integrated to control autonomous cars' operations. These next generation smart vehicles can gather and share data, and communicate with other vehicles as well as the environments they are navigating through. They are smarter and can offer a safer, better and more enjoyable driving experience.

These are just a few examples of how Axiomtek, together with our customers, has helped shape the future with our smart technologies. We look forward to more collaborations with our customers and partners. We will continue to help them change their industry's landscapes, whether by increasing productivity, efficiency and safety or by offering a safer and more convenient world for all of us. 

Product Showcase

CAPA313: Feature-Rich 3.5-Inch Embedded Board for Intelligent Transportation Technology Integration
  • Scalable CPU options with Intel® Pentium® Processor N4200 or Celeron® Processor N3350 
  • Features DDR3L SO-DIMM 8GB memory
  • Multiple I/O options with two GbE LAN, two COM, four USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports
  • Highly expandable with one PCIe Mini Card slot; and one USB, one PCIe x 1, one LPC and one SMBus through a ZIO connector

SDM300S: Scalable Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM-S) for Integration with Thin Displays
  • Scalable CPU options with Intel® Pentium® Processor N4200 or Celeron® Processor N3350 
  • Choice of Intel® HD Graphics 505 or 500 chipset
  • Features LPDDR4 4GB memory onboard (or option for 8GB) 
  • Expandable with one M.2 Key E 2230 slot

IRU151: RISC-Based DIN-Rail Embedded System for Use in Extreme Operating Environments
  • Low power NXP i.MX 6UL Processor, ARM® Cortex®-A7 @ 528 MHz
  • Features 512MB DDR3 SDRAM onboard
  • Multiple I/O options with one GbE LAN, one isolated COM, one USB 2.0, four 16-bit analog input channels and one isolated DIO port
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)

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