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Better Partnership, Better Customer Service

Integrating software and hardware to serve the complex requirements of projects in different industries can be challenging. To better help our customers, Axiomtek has developed an ecosystem of partners who are leaders within their industries, and together with these partners, we have been able to make it easier for our customers to realize their project goals. A few good examples are our partnership with Intel®, a leading technology inventor; Genetec, a well-known security/surveillance, access control and ITS software company; and QNX, a leader in alternative real-time operating systems. These partnerships have evolved to allow us to deliver pre-tested, compatible solutions to our customers or offer them with resources, tools and development-ready solutions that ease their development burden and faster time to market.

With Intel, we work together to develop new products and solutions that take advantage of Intel solution roadmaps to offer the most advanced technologies to our customers. We share our expertise and create products that help Intel expand their solutions to numerous applications in many industries. Our partnership allows our customers and potential customers to reach their project goals and deploy effective solutions within their industries.

Axiomtek has also partnered with Genetec to better serve the transportation market. Our comprehensive list of transportation surveillance products are feature-rich, highly customizable and easy to deploy. They include a wide range of industrial computers such as the tBOX and the UST series. Our products have gone through compatibility testings to ensure that they will work right out of the box with Genetec software and offer seamless integration. Axiomtek’s transportation products are certified/in compliant with EN safety requirements. One example of our transportation products is the tBOX322-822-FL. It is feature-rich embedded computer certified with EN 50155 and EN 50121, and is compliant with the standard of railway vehicles fire protection – PrCEN TS 45545-2. It is rugged, with a wide operating temperature range and anti-vibration features such as M12 connectors. It is tested and certified with Genetec's Omnicast™ Security Platform. Together, they deliver reliable transportation surveillance systems that are easy to integrate and deploy.

Another good example is Axiomtek’s partnership with Blackberry/QNX. Axiomtek offers a high level of support to our customers who trust us for our embedded boards’ quality – and choose QNX OS platform for its flexibility, innovative features and great development tools. Our embedded boards and system-on-modules have been tested and deployed for projects using QNX SDP 7.0, 6.6 and 6.5 Board Support Packages (BSP). Together with Axiomtek’s high quality hardware and QNX’s software development platform, our customers can benefit from having a proven and ready-to-integrate solution that has worked well for various applications. Our local engineering team is used to support projects with QNX products. They are highly experienced and have resources within our company and QNX to help support our customers’ projects, no matter how complex.

Our partnerships aim at providing synergistic solutions and ease of development of customers. Contact us at for more information on how we can help. 


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