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Axiomtek’s design-in services offer assistance to help your team meet all of the challenges of launching a mission critical project. We work as an extended part of your team in order to take away the burdens associated with the process of bringing a product from design to the deployment stage.
For our board design-in services, our team of experienced engineers and product managers can provide assistance with its four main services:

  • Design Assistance Service
  • Thermal Solution Service
  • Embedded Software Service
  • Modularized Accessory Service

We can help design, test and customize products that fit the project needs. Our services include ensuring reliability for product use in various temperatures; provide validation steps to meet the project’s requirements; assist your team to ensure compatibility and branding needs including BIOS customization, embedded OS development, software API utilities, and protocol and driver services; and help increase flexibility and scalability by reducing design complexity and system assembly parts. Additional information on each of these services can be found here.

We can provide the services alone as well as offer it as a value-added after purchasing our product(s). Our systems design-in services delivers valuable system integration assistance. Additional information can be found here.

Here are some customizable motherboards and embedded systems that can be used in your mission critical applications. 


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