Advanced Digital Signage Solution for Supermarket Display System

“Axiomtek helped us meet our project goals with their willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. With their high quality and comprehensive digital signage product line, they made it easy for us to fulfill our promises to the customer.”
Josh Tonasket, Director of Hardware Solutions at Horizon Display


Companies are seeing the benefits of smart digital signage displays that can help target specific information to specific audience groups with images and key messages that can be quickly delivered and remotely updated with ease. Digital signage displays are becoming a major factor in helping retailers boost their sales revenue and increase brand loyalty.

In order to ensure their customers were given the best possible customer service, a popular supermarket chain decided to offer targeted advertisements and collect customer feedback during the checkout process to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

This supermarket chain sought the aid of Horizon Display, one of the world’s largest designers and manufacturers of touch panel monitors, kiosks, tables and video walls, to design a solution that would fit their project needs. After looking into multiple digital signage solutions, Horizon Display chose Axiomtek’s OPS883-H as the digital signage player to work alongside their touch screen displays to deliver the solutions their supermarket chain customer needed.


Horizon Display had multiple challenges that needed to be met for this project. In particular, the company needed to deliver a complete solution within a short turnaround time and within the project’s budget. Furthermore, the system also needed to meet stringent specifications in order to deliver high reliability and all necessary requirements for the project. These requirements are as follows:

  • The digital signage player selected required Ultra-High Definition 4K/2K resolution support.
  • The digital signage player would be positioned behind each touch screen and mounted at checkout lines. A compact size solution was required to fit behind each touch screen.
  • The digital signage player must be delivered with high compatibility standards. The Intel® Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) was a highly desirable feature for connecting to Horizon Display’s selected touch screens.
  • The digital signage player being considered must have Windows® 7 64-bit OS support.
  • To be selected, the digital signage player must offer high performance CPU options and high scalability required to deliver different levels of processing/computing power for various uses.
  • To be selected, the digital signage player must offer a significant amount of DDR3 storage space and additional SATA hard drive support for expansion.
  • The digital signage player must also have Wi-Fi communications capabilities as well as providing PCIe Mini Card support.
  • The digital signage player manufacturer must deliver world-class, personalized customer service.


Axiomtek’s OPS883-H met all the criteria and was selected as the digital signage player for this supermarket chain project. This advanced digital signage player is in compliance with Intel® Open Pluggable Specification for high compatibility, high performance LGA1150 socket 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 or Celeron® processors with Intel® H81 chipset, 4K/2K Ultra-High Definition resolution support, dual display support with HDMI for second display and front-paneled I/O ports (HDMI, audio, and COM ports), TPM 1.2 for a secure computing environment, and a 204-pin DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM 1600 max up to 8GB for extensive storage space. The system supports the Intel® Centrino 72600 Wi-Fi (802.11 b/n/g) adapter for wireless communication. The OPS883-H also supports OS installation for Windows® 7 and 8.1.


The Axiomtek team delivered Horizon Display a product that met all of the requirements within an outstanding response time – with the first product option and quotation being sent less than 24 hours after Horizon Display’s original inquiry. The team also delivered highly responsive customer service and got their units ready and shipped within 2 weeks – allowing Horizon Display to meet their project deadline with a highly reliable solution to their customer with ease. This resulted in Horizon Display being able to deliver products that offers their customers the following benefits:

Enhanced productivity and increased operational efficiency: Horizon Display, with the use of Axiomtek’s OPS883-H, offers a digital signage solution that ensures clear customer communication and timely check-out. Horizon Display’s customer requires less number of employees to assist the same level of customer traffic. Each checkout lane employee can operate at an optimized level of efficiency.

Increased return on investment (ROI) and reduced total cost of ownership: By using Axiomtek’s highly reliable product with long product life cycle and maximizing the efficiency of each checkout lane employee, Horizon Display customers can save on their labor and maintenance costs, increase brand loyalty, gain higher revenue in the long term, and achieve higher ROI and business success.

Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention: With the implementation of a touch screen customer survey at the checkout lanes – the shoppers can deliver direct feedback on their experience for future improvements. Using this digital signage solution, Horizon Display’s customer can enhance their level of customer service, achieve higher brand loyalty and, ultimately, reach/exceed their business goals.

Axiomtek's Other High Quality Digital Signage Players

Axiomtek’s advanced OPS digital signage player series offers a variety of useful features, including high performance CPUs, easy upgrade options with removable/pluggable HDD and DRAM, AMT 9.0 remote management for reduced downtime, and more. The highly reliable OPS player series provide our customers with long product lifecycles, a lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment.

One of Axiomtek’s newest, high quality digital signage solutions, the OPS500-501-H, offers an option for either the 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 or Celeron® processor for CPU scalability for a wide variety of application processing needs. The OPS500-501-H comes with an abundance of useful features including Intel® Open Pluggable Specification for high compatibility/easy installation, Intel® AMT (Active Management Technology) 11.0 for easy maintenance and lower total cost of ownership, and Ultra-High Definition 4K resolution support for displaying crystal clear images. All of these features make the OPS500-501-H well-suited to work in retail/POS/kiosk and digital whiteboard applications.


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