Our Story – Past, Present and Future

Since 1990, Axiomtek has been designing and manufacturing industrial computers and bringing innovative and high quality solutions to a variety of industries around the world. Today, we are proud to have reached a rare milestone that is not easy to achieve in this ever-changing industry landscape. We are celebrating our quarter-century mark and look forward to the next 25 years of continuing our quest to deliver the most reliable, high quality industrial computer products designed specifically for systems integrators with mission critical projects. Our goal is to continue to build embedded boards and systems; panel PCs; network appliances; digital signage and gaming products that are feature-rich, easy to deploy and help shorten time to market.  We will continue our pledge to offer exceptional customer service, long product life cycle and engineering expertise that will help systems integrators offer enhanced end user’s experience, increased operational efficiency and higher safety standards. We have put a great emphasis on our corporate social responsibility, aiming to improve the quality of the environment in the places we operate in and the world for the future generations. Our key underlining goal is to positively impact human lives around the world.

Where it all began…

Founded by CEO YT Yang, Axiomtek started out as a Taiwan-based ATS (Automatic Test System) system integrator and eventually shifted focus to designing and manufacturing embedded computer products for a variety of industries. Since then, we have expanded our operations into many different countries and solidified our presence at the forefront of the industry. Through organic growth and acquisitions, including the Embedded Computer Solutions division of Suntron Corporation and Axiomtek Display Solution, our offerings span from highly customizable and purpose-built computers to network appliances and hardened switches; industrial displays and power supplies; and value-added and design engineering services. Our products are industry-focused. They are made specifically to serve the complex requirements of industries such as transportation; power utilities and renewable energy; medical; IoT gateway; automation and M2M; network security, POS/kiosk/retail; and gaming. Our 25 years of experience has allowed us to increase the number of the industries we serve and strengthen our presence as a major global competitor.

Our Pride: Product and Service Growth

We are committed to building and ensuring strong relationships with our customers. Our motto is to ask, listen and act.  We ask for feedback from our customers and partners on a regular basis, learn from their valuable input and implement measurable changes to our product quality and services. From our established systems of regularly obtaining customer feedback, we have been able to accomplish goals such as hitting a 100 percent on-time delivery rate and lowering our Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) rate to as low as .2 percent in the recent years.

Our People: Commitment to Excellence

Our employees understand the need for high level of teamwork and dedication. Our corporate culture fosters key values that have driven us to where we are today – passion, integrity, innovation, partnership, leadership and diversity. Our passionate and dedicated employees across the globe are individuals who believe in creating lasting partnerships with our customers, business partners and other employees in order to achieve mutual long-term success. Integrity also runs deep in our employees’ minds, as we believe in creating a brand that is trusted, ethical and willing to welcome diversity in our workforce and product lines in order to serve many different and unique industry needs. We value innovation and have grown our experienced engineering staff to more than 200 worldwide. Last but not least, we believe in leadership. We will continue to deliver cutting edge technology, the highest industry standards and be the best in class in this highly competitive marketplace.

Our Passion:  Making the World a Better Place to Live in

In the coming years, the environment will become an even more important responsibility for all to protect and foster. The Axiomtek team believes that our responsibility is not just to our customers, shareholders, colleagues, partners and local communities but also to the environment.  Our manufacturing process (PCBA) is now lead-free, meaning that we are RoHS compliant. We will continue to produce products that are free of hazardous materials and take great care of our industrial wastes. We are ISO 14001 certified, and in compliance with the internationally recognized environmental management standard to minimize our impact on the environmental. We recycle; monitor our carbon footprint; implement many successful energy/resource management plans; and minimize the risk of pollution incidents by focusing on environmentally friendly operational improvements. These are a few examples of many environmentally friendly measures we have in place, and we will continue our commitment to promote sustainability and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Our Leading Thoughts: YT Yang, CEO and Founder

“The world is a big place made smaller by the ever-changing technologies that help connect all of us. The impact of our actions and how we operate, as a corporation, can affect generations to come. There are many things we can do to make this connected world a better place to live in. As a global corporate citizen, Axiomtek cares a great deal about our planet. I always think about how we can help improve our operations to positively impact the global environment as well as the people and countries we operate in. Axiomtek’s production process is compliant with environmental protection standards. We are committed to recycling our industrial wastes, using lead-free materials and minimizing our carbon footprint.  We put in place energy-saving plans to conserve power in all of our facilities across the globe. Our commitment to make the world a better place goes beyond how we operate.  It is also woven into our product strategies. For example, our intelligent transportation solutions are designed and manufactured to provide effective energy consumption and to work hand-in-hand with the emerging environmental trends in various industries. These product solutions meet the demanding environmental requirements of industries such as the highly regulated public transit, hybrid vehicles, power utilities, and many more. Our smart transportation products offer synergies with and support most urban IoT strategies, mega/smart city trends and cooperative ITS technologies to lower resource consumption and limit our environmental impact. 

“We think differently,” said Yang. “We will continue our focus on creating products that will help make the world a better place. Our experienced teams in the Asia, Australasia, Europe, and the Americas understand what needs to be done to continue our industry leadership in the next quarter of a century. We have been and will continue to operate with integrity and efficiency. Our industry expertise, capable global teams, strong corporate values and commitment to our customers, shareholders, colleagues, partners and the world we live in are the main reasons we have reached our level of success in the past 25 years. We will continue to bring smart, innovative and sustainable embedded solutions to the customers in our targeted industries across the globe. We are focused and well-positioned for exponential growth in the next quarter of a century.”

What Our Customers Think Of Us

“As a customer of Axiomtek for over 10 years, I have consistently relied on all facets of the company- from their innovative embedded products, to their design services and technical support, as well as their production outsourcing capabilities. We started working with the Axiomtek team in 2003 as they assisted us in the transition from our custom architecture to a COTS platform. Over the years, as our business grew, Axiomtek has been there to support us along the way. They have demonstrated a long and stable product life cycle and more importantly a willing to support some of our legacy technology which is over 12 years old! In 2015, we will be releasing our third generation of COTS based systems all deployed around Axiomtek solutions. For every one of these releases, the Axiomtek team has been right by our side taking on engineering challenges with professional resources, invaluable support and an unwavering commitment to meet our budget and schedule goals. It is these reasons we have committed to them - not only as our supplier- but a true business partner. Congratulations Axiomtek, for reaching a quarter-century of great achievement. The Allied Electronics team and I wish you continued success for the next 25 years and beyond!” - Bob Brown, director of operations, Allied Electronics.

What Our Technology Partner Thinks Of Us

“Intel has enjoyed its partnership with Axiomtek for over a decade.  As a current Associate member for the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, Axiomtek has been developing platforms based on Intel® architecture and technologies that clearly are winning solutions in their target markets. From its beginning 25 years ago, Axiomtek has grown to become one of the leading industrial computer solution providers, with specialties in designing and manufacturing products to serve a variety of markets including transportation, digital security and surveillance, medical, power utilities and renewable energy and more.  We are impressed by the company’s success and believe that Axiomtek’s growth is due to its thorough understanding of each market’s needs, the high quality products it delivers, the richness of its product’s features, the great functionality of its designs, and the quality and longevity of its products – which are in alignment with Intel’s product development roadmap and standards.  

“On behalf of Intel, we want to extend our congratulations as Axiomtek celebrates its 25th year in business milestone. We wish the company continued success and an ongoing synergistic partnership with us at Intel® for years to come.” - Jonathan Ballon, vice-president and general manager, Intel Markets and Channels Acceleration.


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