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RSC100 5G-enabled Embedded SBCs
Axiomtek and Leading AI Chipmaker Hailo Partner on Edge AI Address the 5G Opportunities with Axiomtek’s Embedded SBCs

Axiomtek's ARM-based RSC100 (Plato) supports the Hailo-8™ edge AI processor. It comes with a 16GB eMMC onboard, an M.2 Key M 2280 SATA SSD slot with PCIe x4 NVMe interface, and a Micro SD slot. Benefiting from dual GbE ports, the RSC100 enables IP cameras and LiDAR connectivity with greater bandwidth for video analytics. It also has two PCIe Mini Card slots, a SIM slot, and an M.2 Key B 3052 slot for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, 5G/4G/LTE to expand functionality.

5G is driving the future of the Internet of Things and edge devices. Axiomtek's 5G-enabled 3.5-inch and Pico-ITX embedded boards, the CAPA520, PICO319 and PICO318, provide a seamless edge to cloud connectivity and accelerate AI-based solutions. These embedded boards are available with a rich feature set, allowing system developers and OEM/ODM to highly customize their system designs in the low profile and time to market.

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Computer Solutions for Smart Port Management The Future of Unmanned Ports
Ports around the world will continuously be overwhelmed and it has already caused severe financial loss. According to McKinsey & Co., port inefficiency costs the industry 17 billion a year. In the era of 5G, IoT and AI, the much more efficient unmanned ports will be the resolution. With Axiomtek’s latest expandable industrial system, function-rich embedded system and AI-powered edge computer, the realization of smart and automated ports will be right around the corner.
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4K Recording and Streaming Solution for OR 4K Recording and Streaming Solution for OR
With the rapid development of AIoT technology, the healthcare industry is entering a new era of digital innovation. Axiomtek’s IPC962-512-FL is utilized in the iMOR-SDBOR integration system that provides video routing and surgery data integration, allowing operating room (OR) staff to implement the best possible care for patients in a safer and simpler setting. The standalone system also functions as OR video and data manager and allows medical staff to record, stream and screenshot with 4K resolution in the process of the procedure.
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Axiomtek-Your Best AIoT Partner NA870
OPS Digital Signage Player with 11th/10th Gen Intel® Core™ & Celeron® Processor, Intel® Q570/H510 and TPM 2.0
18.5" FHD TFT Multi-touch Panel PC with 9th/8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5 & Pentium® Processor
21.5" FHD TFT Expandable Touch Panel PC with 9th/8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5 & Pentium® Processor
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