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2015/04/13 Axiomtek Introduces the tBOX330-870-FL, an IEC60945 Certified Marine Embedded PC
2015/04/08 A Milestone of Leadership: Axiomtek Turns 25
2015/04/04 Visit Axiomtek/EtherWAN's booth at the 2015 ISC West
2015/04/01 Axiomtek Announces its new 10.4" Fanless Multi-touch Panel PC for Railway Applications- the GOT710-837
2015/03/23 Two new Super Slim and Ultra-Light Touch Panel Computers from Axiomtek- The GOT5120T-834 and GOT5840T-834
2015/03/20 Two new Super Slim and Ultra-Light Touch Panel Computers from Axiomtek- The GOT5120T-834 and GOT5840T-834
2015/03/16 Axiomtek Introduces The CEM881, a 5th Generation Intel® Core™ COM Express Type 6 Compact Module
2015/03/09 Axiomtek introduces the eBOX626-841-FL- An Intel® Atom™ SoC-based Embedded System
2015/03/02 Axiomtek EN50155 Certified tBOX323-835-FL Wins 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award
2015/02/24 Axiomtek introduces the rBOX510-6COM, a World-Class Robust DIN-rail Fanless Embedded System
2015/02/09 Axiomtek Introduces the CAPA881- a 4th Generation Intel® Core™ 3.5-inch Embedded SBC
2015/01/30 Axiomtek Introduces its Hardened 18.5-inch IP65-rated Industrial Fanless Multi-Touch Panel Computer, the GOT3187W-834-PCT
2015/01/23 Axiomtek’s New 4K OPS Digital Signage Player – The OPS883-H
2015/01/12 Axiomtek Introduces Its Latest EN50155 Certified Railway PC: The tBOX323-835-FL
2015/01/05 Axiomtek Introduces Two COM Express Products- the CEM840 and the CEM880
2014/12/29 Axiomtek Introduces Its Newest Super Slim Touch Panel Computer- The GOT5153W-834
2014/12/22 The P1157S-881, Axiomtek’s New Highly Integrated 15-inch Desktop Touch Panel Computer
2014/12/15 Axiomtek Launches Fanless Touch Panel Computer with User-friendly Interface for Heavy-Duty Industrial Environments- the GOT3156T-834
2014/12/14 Axiomtek Introduces Robust Intel® Core™ Processor Industrial Embedded System with High Adaptability -- The IPC934-230-FL
2014/11/12 Axiomtek Announces the Arrival of its newest 18.5-inch fanless multi-touch panel PC- the GOT3187W-881-PCT
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