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07/08/2018 Axiomtek Launches the New Industrial Micro ATX Motherboard with Rich I/Os and High Expandability – The MMB501
10/07/2018 Axiomtek Announces its Feature-Rich, Highly Expandable Low Profile Mini-ITX Motherboard - The MANO311
08/05/2018 Axiomtek Launches Its Versatile Mini-ITX Motherboard - The MANO310
27/03/2018 Axiomtek Announces the Arrival of its Compact, Highly Versatile Pico-ITX Motherboard – The PICO316
14/11/2017 Axiomtek Introduces its Palm-sized Fanless Computer for the Internet of Things Applications – The eBOX560-512-FL
15/08/2017 Axiomtek Announces the Launch of its Newest COM Express Type 10 Mini Module – The CEM311
05/06/2017 Axiomtek Launches the New 3.5” Embedded Motherboard – the CAPA312
15/04/2017 Axiomtek launches PICO512 one of the most advanced Pico-ITX motherboard in the market
01/04/2017 Build a Compact Embedded System with the CAPA318- Axiomtek’s newest 3.5” SBC
06/03/2017 Axiomtek Announces the Highly Expandable and Feature-rich PICO312
16/01/2017 Axiomtek’s CAPA500- One of the Most Advanced 3.5" Embedded Boards in the Market
01/08/2016 Axiomtek rolls out the CEM501- An Industrial-grade COM Express Type 6 Compact Module
11/07/2016 Axiomtek’s CAPA880 – a Feature-rich, High Performance 3.5” SBC for Graphics-intensive Applications
05/07/2016 Axiomtek’s new High Performance COM Express Basic Type 6 Module – the CEM500
27/06/2016 Axiomtek’s MANO500- a High-end Mini-ITX Motherboard with 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors
02/05/2016 Axiomtek Launches the PICO500- its Newest, High Performance Pico-ITX Motherboard
08/02/2016 Axiomtek’s CEM846 Mini-sized Industrial-grade COM Express Module Provides Flexibility and Scalability in Mission Critical and Harsh Environments
04/01/2016 Axiomtek Rolls out an Intel® Braswell SoC Fanless Mini-ITX Motherboard with Rich Graphics Capabilities– the MANO300
14/12/2015 Axiomtek’s New Fanless Quad-Core Nano-ITX Motherboard – NANO842
16/11/2015 Axiomtek’s New Wide Operating Temperature Quad-Core Nano-ITX Motherboard – The NANO840
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