Open Frame Power Supply; DC 72W

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    • Input Range: 18 ~ 36 VDC
    • Output Voltage:
      +5V, 10A (0A min)
      +12V, 1.5A (0A min)
      -12V, 0.3A (0A min)
    • MTBF(hours): 50,000h
    • Safety: Meets UL1950, CSA C22.2 NO.234, CE
    • Dimensions: 127 x 76.2 x 29 mm
    • Compatible with Axiomtek products: EM1610/EM1611/EM60321/EM60321C/eBOX745-EFL/eBOX746-EFL
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    • APS-534 (P/N-50967911000E)
      Open Frame; DC 72W
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    Open Frame Power Supply; DC 72W

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    Open Frame Power Supply; AC 70W

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    Open Frame Power Supply; DC 72W