1U 17" LCD Rackmount Monitor/Keyboard Drawer with 8-port KVM

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    • Industrial grade input device for space-critical environments
    • 17" TFT LCD display/supports SXGA (1280 x 1024) resolution
    • Compact design, only 550 mm depth
    • LED display for status indicating grade
    • Integrated keyboard/touchpad
    • OSD (On Screen Display) function for LCD display
    • Built-in power supply
    • Knob lock and slide rail lock
    • Tempered glass to protect LCD panel


    Axiomtek's AX69178 KVM Drawer is an ideal solution for Industrial-grade network administration with multiple servers and platforms. It integrates 17-inch TFT LCD display and ultra-low-profile compact industrial keyboard, touchpad which save up to 1/3 of valuable space from a rack cabinet and provide a user-friendly and reliable environment for network administrators. All these functions are integrated in a 19-inch 1U-height space with rugged construction design to achieve ultra space saving and high reliability for high quality industrial network applications. With the unique robust extension kit, the AX69178 fits into rack cabinet of any depth from just 550mm and up.

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    • AX69178
      1U 17" TFT monitor/keyboard drawer with 8-port KVM, notebook keyboard and touchpad
    • 59069178000E
      1-port KVM cable
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    1U 15" LCD Rackmount Monitor/Keyboard Drawer with 8-port KVM