System Design-in Service

Striking High Flexible iSEC

Axiomtek's creative concept of iSEC (Integrated Services of Embedded Computing) is to deliver trusted and valuable system integration and service from board-level to system-level design for vertical domains in gaming, POS, Kiosk, panel computer, network security, DSA and more. Through the integrated services, such as EE, ME, EOS, LCD BIOS, I/F, I/O and DC-DC power integration, Axiomtek exhibits excellent capabilities in field application engineering and system development. In addition, a solid background in design, manufacture and integration, Axiomtek offers the most comprehensive embedded computing solutions, continuously help out our partner to get innovative, flexible and value-added solutions.

Axiomtek's complete expertise of hardware, software design, manufacturing capability, global service and quality assurance complement today's critical and extreme application-specific market. The comprehensive solutions enable customers to enjoy innovation and fast time-to-market through integrated service. Axiomtek delivers its concept of iSEC (integrated Services of Embedded Computing) in two forms of system, they are embedded eBOX systems and network appliances.

intergrated Services of Embedded Computing

iSEC for Embedded eBOX Systems

To satisfy the demands of embedded solutions, Axiomtek's embedded eBOX system offers customers a wide range of integrated systems by integrating low power, high performance embedded SBC (single board computer), abundant accessories & peripherals and most embedded OS in the compact embedded housing. Axiomtek's embedded eBOX system fully satisfies application-specific needs of fanless operation, extended temperature operating range, backup battery, flexible I/O configuration, fast time-to-market and is perfect for various embedded applications in transportation, surveillance, machine control, industrial automation, POS/POI, Kiosk, ATM, and DSA markets. (Figure 1)

iSEC for Embedded eBOX Systems

iSEC for Network Security Appliances

Axiomtek's network appliances integrate multiple security functions with powerful core logic computing capability, user-friendly management interface and high networking bandwidth throughput into one box and delivers stable and reliable hardware platform performance. Each network security hardware platform is especially developed for VPN, network bandwidth controllers, SSL/TLS, firewall, IDS, load balancing and embedded box applications. The customization of products and services which meets each customer with regard to certain requirements is provided to optimize customers' network business and save customers' TCO (total cost of ownership). (Figure 2)

iSEC for EiSEC for Network Security Appliances

iSEC Scheduling

Axiomtek is always devoted to develop the solutions tailored to customer's needs. Integrated with complete development and manufacturing ability, engineering samples can be provided within 60 days from project initiation.

iSEC Scheduling