Embedded System

Embedded System

Information about Embedded System

Axiomtek offers a full range of expandable, low power consumption/high performance vertical market targeted embedded systems (eBOX). The embedded systems are designed to operate reliably within mission critical environments. The embedded PCs are tailored to meet all your needs with useful features including powerful computing capabilities, fanless operation, wide operating temperature ranges, low power consumption, superior reliability, flexible I/O configurations, and long product life cycles and support.

Transportation Embedded System

Information about Transportation Embedded System

Certified by the strict railway/vehicle/marine safety and EMC criteria, the transportation embedded systems (tBOX) are designed for transportation industry applications. The tBOX embedded systems feature wide operating temperature ranges, powerful computing performance, and high vibration resistance. The tBOX box PCs can work in various applications including fleet management, passenger infotainment systems, onboard and wayside surveillance systems, onboard device controls, gateway and dispatching systems, and more.

DIN-rail Embedded System

Information about DIN-rail Embedded System

Axiomtek’s rBOX DIN-rail fanless embedded systems are suitable for intelligent computing and communication solutions in mission critical environments, such as power plant automation and facility monitoring systems. Axiomtek’s rBOX DIN-rail fanless embedded PCs are rugged and have passed heavy industrial EMI/EMS (Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility/ Electro-Magnetic Interference) tests for reliability in hazardous environments.