Industrial PC

Industrial System

Information about Industrial System

Axiomtek has a full range of fanless, industrial PCs that are suitable for different environments and applications. These industrial PCs deliver powerful computing performance, expansibility, high storage capacity, reliability, solid design, and cost-effectiveness. Axiomtek’s IPC products offer CE marking, popular interfaces and rich I/O options.

Industrial Chassis

Information about Industrial Chassis

Axiomtek's industrial chassis are flexible, easily managed, and feature solid designs. Axiomtek also provides a customized ID program in a short amount of time. Axiomtek satisfies various customers' need by supplying the right type of chassis designed for the right applications.


Information about Backplane

Axiomtek offers various kinds of backplanes for industrial computing platforms, including PICMG 1.0 PCI, PICMG 1.0 ISA, PICMG 1.3 full-size, and PICMG 1.3 half-size backplane. Axiomtek's backplane product line provides not only the highest compatibility with power supply unit but also the best choice of slot expansion.

Power Supply

Information about Power Supply

Axiomtek prepared the complete line of popular industrial power supplies, single or redundant, AT or ATX, slim or normal type, for Axiomtek's industrial computer chassis.


Information about Peripheral

Axiomtek provides KVM solutions for centralized management, keyboard drawers, keyboards, track balls, slide rails, CD-ROM's, cables and much more.