Transportation Embedded Solutions


The transportation industry is a complex and unique space where a combination of infrastructure, vehicles and operations exist and work together hand-in-hand to safely and efficiently serve passengers and their transport needs. Technology advancements, in combination with economic and political climates and governmental regulations, have a great deal of influence on the industry that involves a variety of entities including the Federal and local governments, municipality and also private companies.

Mass Transportation Industry Trends

Technology has been the key influencing factor for the industry’s progress. As embedded transportation computer hardware including high computing power motherboards, advanced and feature-rich embedded systems and Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch panel PCs have become more advanced in their capabilities, the standard in the world of transportation has been raised. The Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced the world to a more intelligent transportation system. It has become the way of the future, where transportation computers are expected to deliver safer, faster, environmentally sound, cost- and energy-efficient transportation infrastructure and operations. Effective communications as well as data capture and transfer have become crucial in a world where the operational information including system monitoring, remote operational control, mass transportation surveillance systems, embedded railway network video recorder (NVR), passenger demographics, GPS location tracking and other key information is highly valued and gradually becoming a requirement and the new standard in the industry.

In this highly demanding operational environment, computer hardware is expected to deliver high performance and communications capabilities as well as having rugged features that can withstand harsh operating conditions including high electrostatic charge, high vibration, fluctuations in temperature, high safety risk from vandalism and more. Axiomtek’s embedded motherboards, heavy-duty transportation-certified touch panel PCs, embedded computer systems, transportation-certified embedded systems, and DIN-rail embedded controllers as well as IoT gateway controllers can be integrated into a variety of transportation industry applications including use as HMIs for train controls; onboard operations including location tracking, driver’s operational condition, door and temperature control, etc.; onboard and wayside mass transit train and bus surveillance systems; ticket vending station control; traffic signal controls and more.

Axiomtek's Advanced Transportation-certified Solutions

Axiomtek’s transportation solutions are designed specifically to serve all of the requirements of and meet the challenges that the transportation industry faces. With features that meet various transportation safety standards including vehicle, train, bus, and marine-related certifications, e.g., eMark, ISO7637, EN50155, EN50121, EN45545-2, IEC60945 (in-vehicle, rolling stock-certified PCs, etc.); wireless communication options; M12 type connectors for vibration resistance; high performance and low power consumption CPUs; wide operating temperature ranges; and more, Axiomtek’s highly reliable transportation PC products are a great integration choice for any transportation-related project, regardless of the size or complexity.

Axiomtek also offers a comprehensive suite of value-added services including design assistance, for one-stop integrated solutions to fit your project needs. Our engineering resources include an R&D team and expert engineers with years of experience in assisting our clients in every facet of their application development and deployment processes and help ease the burden of new projects by taking away your headaches.

Axiomtek’s transportation systems are designed and manufactured specifically for system integrators looking for solutions that can operate reliability in rugged environments, provide ease of integration and fast deployment, and even enhance operational efficiency for any mission critical transportation project.

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