Board Design-in Service

Design Assistance

Design-in Service

The Design Assistance Service was created to offer indispensable help to achieve critical development tasks in the development process. It can help system designers deal with issues in electric design, heat dissipation, verification tests, production quality control and warranty support. These services will reduce design uncertainty and risk associated with customer's system integration completion.

We have the experience, capability, and R&D resources to make any project a success! We are an extremely versatile turnkey manufacturer with the ability to turn your concepts and ideas into real solutions. Customers can enjoy innovation and fast time-to-market through Axiomtek's professional design assistance services.


Design Assistance Service

Thermal Solution Service

Thermal Module Thermal Module

A successful thermal design can improve the reliability of the system and prevent early stage failures when the products go into the field. Axiomtek's thermal solutions service can offer flexible and efficient solution by providing proven thermal modules for embedded boards and systems. If a customer chooses to do the work by themselves, we can provide all of the necessary mechanical and thermal information needed to help them complete their project.

Proven thermal module
Axiomtek provides proven heatsink/cooler or system thermal solutions which have been qualified in different temperature condition.

Customized thermal solution
The thermal customization service is available upon request to meet different application environments. Axiomtek can provide a customdesigned heatsink or cooler based on the modularized thermal solution concept.

Thermal Module

Design support for customer
Axiomtek has built up a thermal design database to offer customers board-level ME drawings to assist when designing system chassis. System thermal design is the most important task. Axiomtek can provide thermal hot spot images and feasibility studies by using the FloTHERM thermal simulation, which can predict airflow and heat transfer in and around electronic equipment to help reduce design risk and time.

Embedded Software Service

Embedded Software Services

To optimize system resource demand, reduce total cost of ownership, improve system reliability and system design time to market, Axiomtek provides embedded software services including BIOS customization, embedded OS development and software API utility and driver support.

Customized BIOS Services:
Axiomtek's customized BIOS service can implement many specific features for industrial markets and help customers to differentiate their embedded products and applications.



  • Customized BIOS default setting
  • Secure password
  • LVDS panel resolution support
  • I/O resource allocate
  • Custom logo

Embedded OS Services:
Axiomtek's Embedded OS services offer easy access and control for all platform device functions and the ability to develop a user-friendly interface. Embedded OS includes:

  • Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise/ Core Pro
  • Windows® Embedded 8/8.1 Pro/Standard/ Industry
  • Windows® 7 Pro for Embedded System
  • Windows® Embedded Standard 7
  • Windows® XP Pro for Embedded System
  • Windows® XP Embedded/Windows® Embedded Standard 2009
  • Windows® CE 5.0/6.0
  • Windows® Embedded Compact 7/Windows® Embedded Compact 2013
  • Linux OS
  • Android
Embedded BIOS and Software Support

Software API Utility and Driver Service:
Axiomtek's software API utility and driver service provides system environment protection, increased system reliability and enables remote management control.

  • uAPI: Hardware monitor, DIO, WatchDog
  • AXView 2.0: Remote management software
  • Specific Utilities and driver: CANbus, CANopen, EtherCAT, EMGD driver

AXView 2.0
Intelligent Management Solution

  • Local Hardware Monitoring
  • Local SRAM Backup
  • Remote Management
  • Store Apps
  • Service Cloud
  • SNMP, MQTT, MODBUS, SNMP Trap, and Email

Modularized Accessory Service

Axiomtek's modularized accessory services can provide different levels of customized service to achieve complicated and changeable requirements.

Modularized Accessory Service

Fully-customized design service
Fully customized design service provides a total solution from board-level design to system-level integration to deliver a valuable system for vertical applications.

Semi-customized design service
To satisfy the growing demand for embedded solutions, we offer customers a wide range of embedded boards and accessories which can be integrated in customer systems. Whether a customer chooses to design their IO boards by themselves or receive assistance from Axiomtek: we will always provide all necessary information and cooperation in order to help our customers build their systems.

Micro-customized design service
Through our micro-customized design service, customers can complete their systems quickly and easily with just a few minor configuration changes. No need to redesign, the almost ready embedded modules can speed up the product time to market. Advantages:

  • Increase flexibility and scalability
  • Reduce design complexity
  • Reduce system assembly parts
  • Save cost and development time

Axiomtek Technical Portal

Axiomtek Technical Portal

Web-based support service

ATP (Axiomtek Technical Portal) is a useful tool that provides more technical support, mechanical information, and application notes. Please email us at info@axiomtek.com.tw or contact your sales representative to apply your ID and password and experience our valuable new portal!

The Axiomtek Technical Portal is a 24 hours and 7 days non-stop supporting system. No matter what time it is or where you are, you can find useful technical information and utilities on it.



Benefits of Axiomtek Technical Portal

Quick and easy access
- Automatic login to all applications on your ATP pages
- Tools and information automatically provided to you

Up-to-date information
- Direct access to frequently used sites and applications
- Download documents including technical design guides, mechanical 2D/3D drawings, software utilities (uAPI, DIO and Watchdog) and brightness control utilities
- Quick links to additional relevant information

Secure site
ATP is a secure site and users need to login with a unique user ID and password provided by Axiomtek.

LCD Lighting Support

LCD Lighting

To make the system design with compact size to meet various embedded applications, LCD has been widely adopted as the display device. Unfortunately, there's no universal standard for the LCD interfacing connector. In order to help our customers, Axiomtek develops various LCD wiring kits and SmartView BIOS to easily install the chosen LCD module onto the targeted system.

The major 2 qualities of LCD enlightening service is making the physical wiring correct and modifying the VGA BIOS with proper registry configuration. The followings are the off-the-shelf solutions for this task:

  • LCD wiring kits: TTL, TTL-to-LVDS, LVDS transmission and receiving kits
  • SmartView VGA BIOS: 15 types of LCD selection, display sequence setting, and applications expansion feature. Axiomtek is continuous to provide LCD enlightening services; customers can get the most updated reference support list from Axiomtek's web.

Besides the LCD wiring kits, Axiomtek also provides different types of user-friendly accessories; such as, expansion riser cards for ISA/PCI/PCI-X buses, I/O cabling, I/O adapter boards, passive backplanes, functional I/O modules, thermal solutions and dedicated developing kits. These are very helpful peripherals for customers to simplify and shorten their system design time.

How to install the LCD Wiring Kits
To simplify the process of lighting up an LCD for embedded applications, you might refer to the LCD Support List to choose the suitable cable kit provided by Axiomtek to connect the LCD Panel to the SBC. The following photos illustrate the proper way to complete the first step of wiring. After the hardware installation is finished, go to CMOS setup by pressing "DEL" during POST to select the correct LCD type in the BIOS Setup Menu.

How to install the LCD Wiring Kits

LCD Lighting Policy
The LCD Lighting Service provided by Axiomtek can help our customers to quickly integrate the LCD. For details, please refer to the LCD Lighting Policy.