Real-Time Vision I/O Card with Multi-function

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    • Integrated vision I/O
    • - 4 CH trigger input
    • - 4 or 8 CH trigger output
    • - 4 CH LED lighting control (LED trigger output channels are defined by software settings)
    • - 1 CH quadrature encoder input
    • - 8 CH isolated DI, 8 CH isolated DO
    • - 1 CH auto measurement function
    • Programmable interrupt functions
    • PCI Express x1 compliant
    • Flexible design for vision inspection


    The AX92350 integrates various I/O features for machine vision applications, including trigger input and output with microsecond-scale real-time control, an auto measurement timer, as well as LED lighting control with dimming support. It also provides an encoder input function suited for conveyor applications in factory automation. The AX92350 can fit in the PCI Express slot of any vision control system to simplify deployment and maintenance of your machine vision platform.

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    • AX92350 (P/N-E392350100)
      Vision I/O Card
    • E981806008
      44-pin DIN-rail terminal board DM44-AP12
    • E981806013
      44-pin D-SUB cable, L=1m WHDM44/1.0-6954
    • E981806014
      44-pin D-SUB cable, L=2m WHDM44/2.0-6954
    • E981806015
      44-pin D-SUB cable, L=3m WHDM44/3.0-6954
  • Drivers

    Date Description Version Download File
    2018/11/23 Driver Package_A1.1 1.1 485.3KB
    2018/11/20 SDK 1.0 1,030.7KB
    2018/11/20 Runtime 1.0 81,351.1KB



    Date Description Version Download File
    2018/11/20 AX92350 User's Manual VA1_06-28-2018 1.0 634.1KB

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