Smart Retail and Interactive Kiosk

Kiosk and Self-service

Kiosks and self-service terminals are appearing at every corner we turn and are becoming popular in smart cities everywhere. They offer an effective and convenient way for the public to access information and pay for services, among other things, without the need for human intervention. They are all computer-based standalone centers that are programmed to perform specific tasks. Additionally, many kiosks and self-service terminals feature machine-learning capabilities that enable them to become smarter and better over time. They can also capture user information and provide useful data that cities and businesses can analyze to help them improve their operations.

The components of these kiosks and self-service terminals depend on the specific applications that they are made for. Retail, banking institutions, medical and other industries utilize these kiosks and terminals to perform functions that serve different needs and purposes simultaneously. They can be used for wayfinding, browsing store catalogues, checking in at airports and transit stations, ordering food at restaurants and more.

Depending on the applications these kiosks and self-service terminals serve, some computer hardware features they may require are high performance computing processors, high graphical capabilities and rugged enclosures to operate within harsh environments. Multiple I/O inputs can also be beneficial to allow other peripherals such as credit card readers and receipt printers can be connected to the kiosks and terminals.

With many years of excellence in functionality and design, Axiomtek has offered high quality industrial computer products to help kiosk manufacturers and systems integrators deliver kiosk and self-service terminal solutions to their customers. Our fanless embedded computers feature scalable CPUs, feature-rich options, ample storage and high compatibility with software for integration into the kiosks and terminals. Our touch panel computers and monitors come in multiple screen sizes, high brightness and multiple I/Os. Some feature a rugged stainless steel housing and the ability to withstand harsh operating conditions for use in outdoor kiosks. Axiomtek’s comprehensive board product lines include various form factors that are versatile and expandable with scalable CPUs and options for multiple displays to serve as the “brains” of these kiosks and self-service terminals.

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