Life Cycle Management Services

Configuration Management

We work with selected suppliers to develop a configuration agreement to ensure that critical components cannot be changed without notification. This is otherwise known as “BOM Locking”. A full BOM lock eliminates configuration uncertainty which can shut a production line down.

Product Life Cycle Management

  • Bill of Material Management
  • EOL Surveillance and Notification

Ensuring that our customers reap the benefit of a component’s full product life cycle is very important to us. With this mind, during the product selection process, due diligence is exercised to disclose where every COTS item is in its life cycle and decisions are made as to the viability of the part. Once selected, on a quarterly basis, we conduct an EOL surveillance on the list of material. The OEM is then notified of any part that is known to have an impending EOL. We can work with the OEM to help select a replacement part, bring it in for testing, and ultimately cut it in to production as a qualified replacement part.